Hey!  I'm Ginger and yes my true birth name is Ginger.  I was named after Ginger Rogers and I have red hair and freckles. I can dance too, but not like her!  I am a southern girl.  I was born in the foothills of Tennessee and I am a Tennessee Volunteer fan.  I wear the tacky color orange too.  Please don't judge me!  I have lived many places besides Tennessee, Alabama, Florida, Connecticut and Kentucky.  I reside in a small historic town in Kentucky, Bardstown.  I work part-time as a beauty consultant at Merle Norman Cosmetic Studio.  I love to cook, garden, read, sew and do all sorts of crafty things!  I have a very creative personality and love other creative people, this is why I blog!

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  1. Oh my, so nice to meet you! I've from Texas, but my in laws use to have a home on the Ohio, across from Kentucky near Madison Indiana. We have been there so many times. We have traveled all around there. I've been to Bardstown, and loved that little awesome town! I remember is so very well! Glad to meet you and I love that you were named after Ginger Rogers! Happy I found your blog!


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