Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Just not feeling it...

I swear every time I start getting ready to start up my blogging again something happens that makes it seem so trivial! Nothing personal to any one, I'm so glad the majority of blog land doesn't have all these heart felt roadblocks.  After getting my life settled down somewhat last week, at least temporally, then one of my dear sweet friends, Pat over at Gypsy Heart lost her grand daughter who was just short of being 16 years old in a tragic automobile accident last Friday night. They have just had her celebration of life service for her.  Breaks my heart! So so young, her whole life ahead of her. My blog godmother, at Life and Linda is going through hell fighting ovarian cancer for the second time!  Then I find out yesterday, our long time mail lady downtown lost her 55 year old husband over the weekend to a head on collision in Missouri where he was on a bike trip with his brother.  

I am feeling so over whelmed with all this bad stuff, it's just hard for me blog about happy things.  Maybe tomorrow will be a new day.  I am sending thoughts and prayers to all of them and their families and hope things will be better tomorrow.

Love and hugs to everyone.  They say everything happens for a reason, but I don't know what these reasons could be.  But, I guess we're not suppose to know everything.



  1. Hi Ginger, I am a blogging buddy to both Pat and Linda. Praying for both of them. I feel terrible, but the distance between us makes it hard to do anything but pray. 55 is too young to lose your life, but as you say, there are reasons we don't understand, or are not meant to understand, at this time. Hang in there, Ginger, you'll feel up to it soon. I am on a break myself and am loving it. xo

  2. Oh, Ginger. What sadness you are experiencing. Tragedies like the ones you mentioned really cause us to question, don't they? I don't know how people survive such heartbreak without a belief in eternal life and good friends here on earth to walk through the shadows with us.

  3. It is so hard when it seems like so many bad things are happening all at once. I get overwhelmed, too. Sending you some extra hugs tonight! Your buddy, Diane

  4. Oh, dear. I had no idea about Pat's granddaughter. We've been so busy over here, I haven't been blogging very much, either. And I was just thinking that I don't have anything even half way interesting to write about tomorrow.

    I get what you mean. It was hard for me last year, so that's why I took a lot of breaks.

    Take care!


  5. You are right - compared to the tragedy that occurs in life, our blogs are trivial. But through blogging I've gained so many new friends I care about - and pray for. I am so sorry for the heartache you're experiencing. We don't know the reasons and sometimes beat our heads against the wall trying to figure them out. Death happens. We hurt, we suffer pain, we suffer heartbreak. We live in a fallen world. But there is hope.

  6. *hugs* There's a lot of death going on over here, too....but then, there always is! Sometimes we just notice it more. The best way to honor those who have gone, and their legacy, is to enjoy the hell out of our lives every day. I think you're the kind of woman who does that, blogging or not. :)

  7. Hello dear Ginger,
    I'm not sure that "everything" happens for a reason. If so, then the reason would simply be "because it's life", and life is full of heartache and pain. But, if people are Christians, then we are to comfort them with a reminder that we have a life after this one. And that one will be lived with the Lord and there will be no sorrow or pain there.
    I hope and pray that you will find the strength to go on and find joy in every day once again. You are especially vulnerable right now, with the court case barely being over. Take time to grow strong again, spend time in the Word of God and talking to Him. He cares and will be your strength. I promise.
    Love and hugs, Cindy

  8. Ginger,
    I'm so sorry to hear about all of your friends. I saw your red rose while I was on another friend's blog, and had to come over and see. Maybe it was directing me here. Linda is such a sweet blog friend to me too, and I've said prayers for her.

    I hope the days ahead are better, my dear.


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