Friday, June 28, 2013

It's all about family and good friends!

The positive side of my trip to Tennessee to attend the parole hearing was getting to spend a little time with my family and best friend.

My Aunt Judy and I.  I got to spend 2 nights with her and catch up.  She is one of mother's younger sisters who is 78 years old!!  She sure does not look her age!! that is for sure.

Me and two of my cousins, Kim and Paula!!!

Quiet the motley crew!!  Several of my Aunts, Cousins and Second Cousins went to eat Mexican.  That place will never be the same!!

This is another of my Mother's Sisters, Aunt Shirley with my brother, who was the only male in the bunch!!  He does not seem to mind!

I was able to spend Saturday with my best friend, but I was so exhausted that I never thought to get a  picture of us.  She and I did a tiny bit of shopping and had lunch.  Went back to her house and piled up on her sofa and watched Identity Theft together, so it was a great end to the day!!

When all is said and done, this is what's it's all about!  Spending time with our family and best friends are priceless.  I am so excited, my mother's oldest sister, is turning 90 years old.  We are having a birthday party slash family reunion in July.  We have family coming in from Houston, TX, Columbus, Oh, Waycross, Ga, Jacksonville, FL and me, Bardstown, Ky.  We'll all be meeting up in Oak Ridge, Tn.  I cannot wait, I have not seen a lot of my family in over three years!!  You know there will be some major shopping, eating, wine drinking, laughing, story telling and fun, fun, fun!!!  Hopefully there will be parts I will be able to share!  LOL

Enjoy your family and friends today and everyday you can.

Love and hugs,


  1. It looks like you had a great time with your family and best friend, Ginger. You look so cute with your Aunt Judy, and have the same sweet smile that I know and love. Yum, Mexican food and fun atmosphere - that is a party all in itself.


  2. I was also going to say that it looks like you all were having a blast at that Mexican restaurant. Family and friends, what could be better than that!

  3. SO HAPPY that you enjoyed yourself in the midst of the trauma. Y'all are a good-looking bunch! When is the reunion?

  4. It says much about you that you were able to find some joy in the midst of a horrible situation. Family and friends is what it's all about :)

  5. How wonderful that you got to spend time with your bestie and wonderful family members. That does help to make one feel better, doesn't it!

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