Thursday, March 7, 2013

My Bunnies are Escaping!

Slowly but surely this time of the year my bunnies start escaping from their hiding places.

and more...

and a couple more...

I know there are more somewhere, but I have not found them!  I don't know if I'll ever find everything with this move, I just found my tennis shoes last week!  LOL, is that just ridiculous?  I want to apologize for my pitiful pictures.  There is just not a good day to photograph.  It's too dark, too dreary or something.  It's winter, so this is as good as it gets!  (Plus all I can see in this picture is my crooked candles).  

I love Easter.  It is one of my favorite Holidays.  I know all you guys are way ahead of me in Easter decorating, but I'm getting better, so that makes me happy!

Hope you have a fabulous day.


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  1. Hope you find your missing bunnies. Have you looked next to the carrots? ;-)

  2. Bunnies are fickle! I hope you find may find more than you thought you had. :)


  3. Heeheee...bunnies DO multiply when you least expect it. Anyway, unpacking is like Christmas....for a year. Enjoy it! :)

  4. Cute bunnies - I have a few that have seemed to multiply ;-)

  5. Hi, your decorations are lovely. You just got to love bunnies ; )
    Have a wonderful day.

  6. Love your bunnies. I have not decorated for Easter. Everything in Savannah is green until after the St. Patrick's Day parade and festival.
    I know what you mean about crooked candles. You can straighten them, turn around and they are crooked again. I am sure the bunnies are doing itl
    Hugs, Ginger

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