Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Here in Kentucky we went to bed last night not knowing what to expect as far as the weather was concerned.  Living on the line of the Ohio River, you just never know.  During the night I was awaken by rain and sleet, so I didn't sleep very well.  Got up this morning to a lot of water standing in the yard.  As the day went on it kept trying and trying to snow, it actually poured down at times, but this is about all we got!

I'm not complaining, I'm really not a snow lover, but I do enjoy seeing it I just don't like dealing with the things that come along with it.  Everyone here is like, "I wish it would get cold and snow", and I'm like, "let's open the pools and I'll wear my flip flops!"

Anyway, I know you are so much better off knowing my feelings on snow that I will sleep better tonight!  LOL!  Hope the weather where you are is what you want it to be, but safe.

Sleep tight!, Hugs,

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas day.  I know I sure did.  There were no presents, no hustle and bustle here, just a laid back day giving thanks to the day Jesus Christ was born and thankful to be in our new house. Slept in until almost 8 a.m.  Had a light breakfast and slowly cooked my first holiday meal in the new house.  It was wonderful. 

Hope the weather where you are is safe, wondering about Mobile, Al , and others.  We are suppose to get rain, changing to ice and then snow, so I guess we'll see in the morning.  Southern Indiana, just across the river may get 6 - 10 inches!!  UGH. 

Merry Christmas and have a wonderful week.  Love and hugs to all my friends.


My little tree I found in the storage unit for this year.  It was perfect!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Finally a new address!!

It's been five months, five days, five hours, five minutes, five seconds.... plus, (just kidding, but certainly close) since I sold the house to downsize.  Patience paid off though because I've found the perfect new home.  Its brand new, straight from the builder and I get to pick out a lot of things that I wouldn't have gotten to otherwise.  The appliances are scheduled for next Tuesday, the carpet on Wednesday and the furniture movers on Thursday.  I'm so excited to get settled before the weather turns bad.  There won't be a lot of Christmas going on with me, but all I wanted for Christmas was a home.  Couple more weeks and I hope my life will return to somewhat normal, whatever that means.

I hope to be back in the internet world very soon, so I'll be able to see everyone's Christmas decorations and beautiful homes.  I'll update you on the house when I can.  Hope you all have a wonderful week and look forward to catching up with everyone.

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