Thursday, May 24, 2012

How I Spent My Birthday!

After several days of totally freekin out with the contract on this house, I was totally tired.  So, I went to the country.  What else can a girl do to get away?  Here's a little of how I spent my day yesterday....

I enjoyed seeing my wildflowers ...
I'm just so totally in love with them...
could not believe how my tomatoes have grown... got lots of little ones just waiting....
I was so shocked when I saw my lavender...  WOW!
then,  I spotted my little humming bird, they facinate me so much...
my neighbor was in the process of cutting his hay, there is nothing like a freshly cut field of hay... trust me.

I totally love this sight, no matter how many times I see it, but with fresh cut hay, well...
to the moon!!!  how awesome was this.  I think it may have been singing happy birthday???
then, out of the blue, the big time, real time, awesome farmers moved in and started planting the bottom's in corn.  It's so amazing to watch and see it grow each week.  Our farmers are so awesome!!
My garden, I love it and it's doing pretty well right now, we just need some rain...
beautiful clear sky,
how could you ask for anything more for your birthday?  It was perfect...

Love and hugs, have a fabulous week.


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  1. Happy Birthday, Ginger! The best is yet to be. I hope all goes well with the house, moving is always so stressful. And, we are the same age, in August I will be five-eight. (Really wish it was my height!) :/ xo

  2. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful place. I can't believe how big those tomato plants are. We just bought a couple last week. I guess we'll have tomatoes in August. hehehe
    I am so glad you enjoyed your birthday. (I was a little worried by how you wrote your last post. I guess I'm just a worry wart.)
    Have a great weekend.

  3. Happy Birthday sweet girl! Looks like you had a perfect day! I love seeing farmers in the field, working their magic! It makes me proud to live in this wonderful country where anything is possible! I hope you'll celebrate all weekend long and have bunches of fun! Eat some cake, my friend and HAVE FUN!

  4. buona giornata e felice week end...ciao

  5. First off did I miss your bday? Can't remember if I already wished you the best but I do again. You know I am meant to live there with those rolling hills and farmers. How wonderful to have such open expanses of green and see the fields turn. What contract on your house? Are you selling up?

  6. Beautiful photos! I'm in love with your garden...and the lavender, oh my. What do you do with all of it? :-) I'm glad you enjoyed your special day ~ a belated Happy Birthday and I hope all your wishes come true!


    1. Thanks so much Pat. I eat as much as possible. I share tomatoes with very close friends. I also roast all I cannot eat and make sauce to freeze for this winter. Wish you were close by, I'd share. Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. Happy Birthday! You have e really curious about your move...I wish you would move to Alabama! :D

    I love lavender....I bet you will do some neat things with it!

    We had our last meeting today, and everything has worked out so well! I have tons to tell you...more later.

  8. Happy Birthday!
    Your wildflowers are beautiful. We have a field next door to us too, I love to watch them plant and harvest the hay. You are so right, there is nothing quite like the smell of fleshly cut hay.

  9. How did we miss eachother's birthdays? I am so behind like you said you are. Sometimes the world just goes too fast, and we are trying our best to catch up. haha Ahhh, my beloved hummingbird. I love the purple wildflowers, and that moon is so cool. Happy Birtday sweetie. It's never too late for birthday wishes.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  10. Happy birthday and wish you more beautiful birthdays to come. Your lavenders are so lovely:)

    Visiting for Flowers on Saturday- hope you can stop by:)

  11. sounds like a perfect birthday!!!


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