Monday, April 2, 2012


As you all know, I don't really do a lot of "holiday" decorating.  My style is more "seasonal".  I tend to go more for Spring/Summer, Fall, and Winter/Christmas combo.  This year because the weather is so ahead of itself, I could not resist to do a little something extra for Easter. 

Welcome to my front door...
Please come in...
I took my square flower vase and filled the bottom with jelly beans.  Then I took a package of yellow peeps and lined them all the way around the sides of the vase.  I took a skinny water glass to use as my flower vessel and created the cutest little Easter centerpiece!  (I first saw this cutie on Pinterst several weeks ago and just had to give it a go).  It's easy except for the peeps don't always cooperate!

The entry foyer....  My cookie cutter Peter Cottontail and my bunny ear hat...
and my lazy bunny...

My back door is now bright and cheery...

I think I have found some perfect spots to hide the Easter eggs!!

My little love bunnies are all cozy on the patio!

Now, all that's left is plan Easter Dinner!!  hmmmmmmmmmmm.... 
Have a wonderful week and I hope you will enjoy getting ready for Easter as much as I have. 

Love and hugs!,
I am hopping to the Bunny Blog Hop!!  Come join me!


  1. I love your little love bunnies best..they are so sweet! I want to take part in this! I better get busy! Enjoy your week! ♥

  2. That is so cute, I love that cookie cutter bunny.

  3. I can't believe what a great back drop your wallpaper is to your Easter display. Really pretty. I love your peeps and jelly bean arrangement. It's all over Pinterest so you are really up and coming! Thank you for linking up to our Bunny Blog Hop. Happy Easter Ginger!

  4. I like the jelly beans in the bottom of the clear vase. Too cute!

  5. Your centerpiece is wonderful and I love that Peter Cottontail hat! Enjoy that Pear Crisp and have a wonderful Easter!

  6. How fun, and I love those photos of the woods and the outdoor pic, beautiful.

  7. I love you center piece. The jelly beans and peeps are perfect! (I think if I did that I'd start missing pieces at little at time and just might see some jelly bean colored lips walking around the house). Love your hostas. (I think that is what they are called.) I wish we could grow them here but they don't like the heat.

  8. Gotta love Easter decorations and colors!
    My hostas are coming up and I'm tempted to just leave the deer fencing up to protect them.
    Happy Easter Ginger!
    xo Cathy


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