Monday, March 12, 2012

What's Growing in Your Garden?

Saturday and Sunday I went to the country place where I plant my garden.  It was windy and cool, but the sun was shining and it felt so wonderful to be outside wearing a sweatshirt.  So, I cleaned out the garden a bit and found some wonderful surprises!  I just love surprises especially if they are green ones.

I found that two of my Rosemary plants survived the winter and are looking pretty good.
Check out this baby.  Wow, this is my thyme plant.  It is so healthy and dark green that I cannot believe it.  So excited!!
Here is my Kentucky Derby Mint!  Should have plenty for those Mint Julep's come May!  I don't drink Julep's, but I gladly share my mint.
My entire row of garlic is up this much, double excited!!  I got it all hoed out and ready to grow. 

My wildflowers are coming up and I can begin to see visions of Spring.  Finding all these little jewels in my winter deserted garden made my weekend and I cannot wait until next weekend to see what else is growing in my garden.  I hope to plant lettuce and onions either this weekend or next! 

Have you found any exciting things to indicate Spring is within our reach?  I sure hope so.

Love and hugs, 


  1. Signs of spring! My green thumb extends more to weeds - I grow those very well. We could discuss it over a mint julep!
    xo Cathy

  2. Isn't it amazing how many things survived over this warm winter. I don't think our grass ever turned brown. 70's for the rest of the week Woohoo!!!

  3. Your garden looks very nice! I have to pull a lot of parsley that was left from last year: it's growing so fast into bolting stage!

  4. Wow, looking good! I didn't know there was a special Kentucky Derby mint plant! My basil up against the house survived too! Hope we don't get a hard frost once everything is worried about that!

    Take care,

  5. How did you fare with the tornadoes last week?

  6. Your garden is coming along nicely, Ginger. I love anything mint! My dad planted a garden every spring, and he would come home with these gorgeous tomatoes every year. I love surprises too, and I hope to plant a garden someday.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  7. I definitely need to move to Kentucky! I can't believe all the herbs already up and thriving in your garden. I'm planting my tomato and pepper seeds indoors this week. We can't set them out until after June 1.

  8. I love it! It's so nice to have fresh herbs and veggies too. I would love to have a garden space. Can't wait to see what else you find and/or plant.


  9. How fabulous! I would love to raid your garden when I make my focaccia bread! YUM! ♥

  10. You have some great gardens there Ginger!


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