Wednesday, February 15, 2012

"We Want To Know Wednesdays"

Welcome to We Want to Know Wednesdays Q&A
Hosted by Mamarazzi, Queso and Crazymama

Mamarazzi, is asking the questions this week, and she wants to talk about LOVE...
{1} How was your Valentine's Day?

My Valentine's was very nice and low key.  Got a sweet card and a pedicure gift certificate!  I love a good pedicure!!  (Had to work, but did not have to cook dinner!  Extra points!)

{2} What is your favorite flower? Did your honey get them for you?

I have two favorite flowers that I just cannot choose between.  I love white tulips and I love hydrangea's.  I did not get any flowers, but that's okay, I think I'll live!
but, these would have been really s.w.e.e.t.!
{3} Was Valentine's Day a big deal when you were a kid?

No, not really a BIG deal, just the usual swapping of Valentine's cards and a few hearts that said "be mine", you know all the old boring things.  Now the candy hearts have cool stuff on them like "you rock" and "AWESOME"!

{4} Did you put up any Valentine's Day decorations? (bonus points for a picture)
No, not really!   

{5} Do you have any Valentine's Day traditions?

I usually make "his" favorite meal, however, I had to work yesterday, so he cooked my dinner and I'll be preparing his tonight!  Therefore, no photo!!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!



  1. Glad you had a nice Valentine's Day, Ginger. Low key is good in my book. :-)

  2. You did decorate, candy + cute jar= decoration....right? lol!

    Either way its still more than I did...haha!

  3. Nice to be treated to dinner! :D
    Yeah, they changed the messages on the conversation hearts, but they still aren't making them taste fantastic...what's with that?? ;)

  4. We always have a "low key" v-day. Not a huge believer in it myself...why limit showing someone you love them to one day a year when it is mandated? :)


  5. Simple here. BLTs and potato salad for dinner last night. We will go out this weekend when we are in Cambria for the long weekend. I am ready to go. Time for a little R&R. Love tulips too. All white are my faves.

  6. new follower from wwtk =) I like the hearts in the jar, that's a really cute idea! I think my kids would have them gone in a few days though, lol!

  7. Hi Ginger,
    We usually have a very low key Valentine's day. But this year I had a dinner party for six and though I did a ton of work, it was fun.

    It sounds like you really got pampered with a pedicure and everything! Glad you enjoyed your day.

  8. My fave flowers are hydrangeas, too! I'm glad you had a good day - score for not having to make dinner. :)

  9. Low key is always good for me! :-) I love hydrangeas too!

  10. We are low key here. Of course I get a lil something for the boys and I bought my honey some cologne. He bought me the WII just dance. I can't wait to do it.

  11. I'm a red carnation girl, myself. I used to love getting all the valentine's when I was a kid. There was always one from a secret admirer. :)

  12. Oh I'd kill for a pedicure. I had two last year for different weddings I went to, and now I'm addicted to them! And how nice to have your hubby make you dinner, mine has been promising to do that for years now LOL

  13. We both crush on the same two flowers!!! XO, Aimee

  14. conversation hearts in a jar count. cuteness.

    i love tulips, just love them.

    sorry i am slow getting here, some weeks just get away from me. thanks for linking up, love your answers and i really appreciate that you play along!


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