Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Crash Week-End and Recharge!

Things have been so crazy busy with the approaching Holidays in the "retail" life, that I've not had very much blogging time.  I had the day off today and went in for a haircut and spending a nice quite evening with a green salad, with roast chicken breast and a glass of red wine.  Won't be long until bedtime because the fun begins tomorrow for the rest of the week.

So, I thought I'd share how I spent my Saturday evening and Sunday...

I watched the full moon come up over the fall bare trees...

I sat around the fire pit and allowed the blazing fire to put  me into a total relaxation state of mind...

Had a sweet visit from my sweetie Jacyln....

We call her Camo Baby now...

Saw an amazing sky....

So now, I'm recharged and ready for the busy rest of the week!

Hope you have a happy day and week...

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  1. Ginger
    What a lovely way to recharge!
    Your little g'daughter is a beauty too.

  2. How gorgeous is the little one,so cute. Beautiful pics of the moon and sky too. Glad you are rested and batteries recharged,it's good to vegie out at the weekend. xx

  3. Who is the little cutie? Glad you got some R&R!!!


  4. Sounds like a perfect recharge, don't waste it. Hope your week turns out well.
    I'm blog hopping from Katherine's Corner already following.

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