Thursday, September 22, 2011

It's Fall Ya'll! Let's get to it!

Finally, tomorrow is the official day of "FALL!!  I cannot believe it's been so long coming, but with the long winter and unbelievable "LONG" summer everyone had, it's about time, don't you think?

Well, I have been doing some fall decorating splashes just like the rest of you, a little at a time, sometimes pushing that envelope. So, now I want to post some full shots of my Fall Splashes.  I don't do a lot of fabulous decorating like most of you do, I only do splashes of seasonal decorating!  So, here is some of mine individually...
My Front Door!  Very Simple, but Elegant?? I hope?

My Kitchen Door! Kinda Corny?
  You think?

My kitchen table!

My Dining Room, I do love my Dining Room , that we never use??  Why is that?
My "Over Achiever" Pepper Sauce Put Down!!  I get going and can't stop!!

and finally, and probably my favorite, Bob Wire Fall Festival Wreath! that I put at our country place, not at home!  Thank you Lord for reminding me to say that!  My house is not green metal, but I do love the country place....
I hope you all enjoy fall as much as I do, it's just beginning and I hope it last forever!!

Have a happy day,

Love and Hugs,

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  1. Love your corny kitchen door decor:) Really...all your fall decor looks GREAT!!!!


  2. Wow, you will be busy tonight. Love your decorations. Australians don't seem to decorate their homes to match the season, but I'm seeing it on so many blogs that I am going to have to do. Just because I like being a copy cat, but deco's will have to be Spring. We decorate more for the celebration ie Xmas, Easter, Bday. Take Care

  3. Ginger, I love the wreath on your front door, very pretty. I only put one on mine at Christmas, but always reluctant to take it down. I will now try and make one to have all year, good idea. I am now a new follower, thank you for visiting me,hope to catch up again soon xx

  4. I like all of your decorations. Those jars are still my favorite - so bright and cheerful. Oh, and congratulations on winning a giveaway. I saw it last night, and now I've forgotten which one it was.

  5. Following back. Appreciate the follow.
    Ohio Outdoors

  6. The 'corny' kitchen door is actually my favorite. How fun! And of course those pepper-filled jars.

  7. Ginger, I think the ribbon on your wreath is so cute and so *you*

    I spent way to much time this week on the Practical Magic Blog with all my free time!!!! Meh! What was I thinking? But it was lots of fun.


  8. Lovely and welcome fall! Thank you for linking up on Thursday Favorites this week.Hugs and wishes for a joy filled weekend.

  9. Your decorations are wonderful! It's not easy to think fall in AZ where it is still around 90 degrees, but it will soon be chilly and we will see the aspens turning on the mountaintops. I am still blog hopping from Katherines corner. I am new follower. Pls check out my blog and follow me, too! Growing Old With Grace

  10. I love it all! Of course, fall is my favorite season and this just makes me happy! Wish I had some of that pepper sauce. :-)

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend my friend.

  11. All of your Fall touches are so nice, and there is nothing "corny"! ;) I'm with Gypsy Heart and wish I had some of the pepper sauce. Mr. 2805 would be in heaven!

    Thank you so much to linking to Potpourri Friday. Your participation is appreciated!

  12. beautiful fall decor!Hugs and wishes for a joy filled weekend, Katherine

  13. The rosemary in the peppers is beautiful! Everything is looking so good. I really need to get going and do something fall and festive inside my house. Maybe tomorrow...

  14. Ginger,
    Your kitchen table is so pretty, and the corn in the kitchen was a clever idea. The wreath on the door was my favorite. I'm still decorating too. Every time I see something I really like, I add it here and there around my house. Have a fun weekend.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley


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