Monday, September 19, 2011

End of Summer 2011!

It is a sure sign of the end of summer when we have our property bush hogged and that includes the herb and vegetable garden.  Well, the bush hogging happened over the weekend.  Unfortunately, I had to work, so no pictures for those of you who may not have ever seen bush hogging take place.  Maybe next time!

I scavenged the garden for every last morsel of produce and trimmed up my herbs.  I'm hoping a few will come back next year!  Fingers crossed.

Here is what I came out of the garden with...
A few small tomatoes, tons of peppers, rosemary and thyme....  I love the bright colors!  It could almost be Christmas!

So, here is what I did today...

I bought these bottles at Marshall's back in the summer for $1.99 each.  The one on the left, I stuffed with Thyme, fresh smashed garlic and some of my red and green "hot" peppers.  The one on the right, rosemary and red peppers.  I just love the colors!  Fill them up with white distilled vinegar and that's it.

So now they sit on top of my hutch in the kitchen.  After a few weeks they can be used for salad dressings, great on bean soups or chili!  Adds a little KICK!  Great pepper sauce for all your greens that are available this season...  Just add more white distilled vinegar as you use it.

Hope you have a happy day!

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  1. A favorite show of mine is "Rosemary and Thyme"
    It's about two women landscapers that always get involved in solving a murder!
    Your herbs do look colorful enough for Christmas or just anytime would add zest to a kitchens decor. That was a steal on the jars!

  2. Wow! What a great way to use up what's in the garden. They would make awesome gifts too.

  3. I can just imagine how wonderful these must smell...with those herbs and garlic! They really are pretty, too! You'll enjoy them this winter! ♥

  4. Bush Hogged...sounds interesting..sorry you couldnt share it with us as I have never heard this your bottles..they sure do look colorful and I agree what great gifts they would make. Have a lovely week..

  5. Wow! You are like a genius only smarter! I super duper wish I had my own garden. My darling husband said I'll never make it as a gardner. I secretly thinks he just doesn't wanna mow around it.

  6. Oh, those look beautiful and delicious! I have never made pepper sauce before but I would certainly use it on greens!

  7. Hi! I saw you on A Creative Princess and had to check out your blog. These pepper concoctions are amazing. You mean all you do is put the fresh peppers and thyme/rosemary/whatever into the bottle and fill it with white vinegar? That's IT??? These are beautiful!! I have lots of peppers that are turning red even as I write, and I have lots of herbs (that will need to live indoors during the winter, but are outdoors right now.) I am so going to do this! Glad I found your blog. :-)

  8. I love anything with rosemary in it! I bet they are great on salads.

  9. They look just beautiful. Very nice work.


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