Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Do You Ever Have Regrets?

Do you ever have any regrets on decisions you made years ago on very expensive items and now you think, "what was I thinking?"  But, you have so much invested, that you cannot do a darn thing about it?

Well I do.  I have an absolute crazy amount of money invested in "Louisville Stoneware"!  I'm talking major bucks here...  Twelve place setting of dinnerware, dinner plate, salad plate, bowl, cups and saucer X's 12, every serving dish that they had to offer and why stop there, lets buy all the flower pots, decorative pieces and so on....  Well, I've got it all and now that they have all these new designs and really neat things, I'm just stuck!  I'm beginning to not like my Louisville Stoneware, but I have to, none the less.

Here is my pattern from back in the "old" days!!

Oh, how I don't like this wallpaper,  it's screaming, please replace me, I want to die!

And, then there are all these coffee mugs and mugs and mugs, who is going to use all these mugs?

and, the hutch that is filled with all the serving pieces!!  Eye ya ya!!  What was I thinking?  Obviously NOT!

But I'm very fortunate to have them, so I don't want to seem ungrateful.  The pieces are not cheap...  Louisville Stoneware is a company in Louisville, KY approximately 30 miles from Bardstown and if you live in Kentucky you KNOW Louisville Stoneware and everyone has something from Louisville Stoneware.

Here is their story: 
For nearly two centuries, they have preserved
and shaped a rich artistic tradition.
The richness of raw materials. The perfection of a basic form. The poetry of a hand-applied brush stroke. In our machine-driven age, these natural and simple essences seem to have become a lost art.
Since their early beginnings, they have been dedicated to the craft of transforming clay into enduring, functional art forms. Working with the basic elements of earth, water, air and fire, skilled artisans create timelessly beautiful dinnerware, bake ware, serving pieces and collectibles that can be enjoyed and cherished for many generations.
Some designs are subtle—others are more striking and exuberant—but what they all have in common is an underlying belief that humble, everyday objects have an important place in our lives and homes.
Note:  Info came from their website.
Here are a few of their more recent design and special pieces.

 You know this is the Kentucky Derby City!

 and the home of Church Hill Downs!

Note: These photos are furnished from their website:
A few more of my collection...

Here's my Fish Dish,  He just hangs out.

This is one of about 8 Flower Pots!!

One of my favorites is this bowl and pitcher. And seriously, this wallpaper has to go!

But then, they still have my pattern, still on the web-site today, so although I'm really bored with it and have way too much of it, I guess I had good taste way back when?  But, of course I don't own this piece!  Go figure.

Wish I had this wallpaper.... I love it and it would be so much better, but I really just want to paint! The wallpaper I have is probably from the 70's or maybe 80"s, what does it matter?   Just saying...  mine has to go bye bye! 
 Have a happy day!
Visit:  http://www.louisvillestoneware.com/, I promise you will experience some beautiful stuff .

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  1. Have you thought of selling it? I am sure there a collectors out there that would love having a whole set. But if you love it you should of course keep it and use it. And yes I have spent money on things I cannot believe I ever did. Like scrapbooking supplies. Never got around to doing much but she bought a lot of crap. Now Quinn just uses up all the stickers for crafts. I love digital scrapbbooking. So much less stuff.

  2. Maybe change to the wallpaper you like better and you'll look at your stoneware display in a whole new light!
    xo Cathy

  3. Your set is so pretty! And yes, I think we all have at one time or another, bought without thinking...but at the time thought we were! LOL
    And by the way, I like your wallpaper. Your first photo looks like it's right out of a magazine :)

  4. I would just paint! I can just see a pretty warm tint of green behind those plates, and I they would look totally different. I think Martha Stewart said the easiest way to redecorate is to paint! Maybe it wasn't her, but anyway I believe it! Wallpaper is a commitment, much like expensive stonewear. I have the same stonewear I bought years ago at (Miller's) -a department store long gone now! I can't bear to part with them though. They have different little farm animals on them and they havent even chipped in all these yrs of everyday use! I guess I am lucky I am not tired of them yet. I actually bought a new set and never have used them, I have them in my antique hoosier cabinet...1/2 of them never out of the box! I wish I had not bought the new ones!!!!

  5. I like your collection, Ginger. What do you want to replace it with? It is a collectible, so you could probably get lots of money for your pieces. I know what you mean, though, about buyer's remorse. I actually feel that way about a sofa we bought twenty years or so ago, and Mr. Art @ Home refuses to get rid of it and I bet you know which one I am talking about!!!

    *double yuck*

  6. I think that if you change your wallpaper, you will love your dishes again. The dishes appear to have a lovely shade of blue on them. You can have some paint matched to the dishes.

  7. I understand how you can get tired of your dishes. I splurged about 10 years ago on stoneware that was red and orange. I really liked it - now, not so much. Usually I take stuff to Goodwill, but I spent so much on this. I'd like to get something back from that expense. By the way, I love that fish dish. hehehe

  8. Ginger, We all do things like that and just don't like to admit it. I say keep the dishes, they are gorgeous! Try painting you room and see if you like it better or pack up most of it for awhile, like this fall and winter, then bring it back out next spring. You will love it again!

  9. I can totally sympathize - I have "invested" in Longaberger pottery and baskets. And while I realize it cost much more to buy American made, I think both your and my pottery outshines the onslaught of foreign produced goods. Yours is really lovely. My only advice is to use it, use it, use it - so the cost doesn't seem so daunting.

  10. I so understand!! I bought a comforter and curtains for my bedroom a few months ago and now just hate it all. I honestly cannot tell you the "why" that I bought them...just had a different color palate in mind. Of course, it's not my colors so now here I am with it. Trying to figure out how to sell them.

    Did you know that you can texture right over wallpaper? I've done it twice ~ great therapy too! :-) After you have the texture the way you want it, then paint.

    The dishes are beautiful! Perhaps sell them? Or pack them away for awhile and purchase some that are not terribly expensive...just for a change. See how you feel later?


  11. I was in the exact same boat. I had an entire set of stoneware from Pier 1. Not as expensive as Louisville Pottery but close. A few summers ago I sold it piece by piece on eBay. I made enough money to buy my Liberty Blue transferware. Life is too short to live with something you don't love. Just sell it. Thanks for linking up to Open House Party. Happy Friday!

  12. Been there..bought that and that and that and that...and now I dont want THAT anymore..we are only wise as we grow up or grow older..But, you loved this beautiful set and have made an investment in it..think of the best way to show it off and enjoy it once again..Maybe show less of it to make it stand out more. It is truly very pretty..
    Enjoy time...

  13. Hi Ginger, I'm laughing because "I've been there, done that" several times over. I agree with everyone else. Try some paint on the walls, and sell your pieces on Etsy or Ebay, there are probably collectors out there, thanks for being a great supporter of my blog and always leaving a sweet comment! xo Debra

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