Monday, August 8, 2011

Showing Off My New Look!

Fancy new header, huh?    I am so excited!, but I cannot take any credit for it except that I did take the pictures.  I must admit, I have been spending hours upon hours trying to learn all this blogging stuff! and basically beating my head against a concrete wall.  I actually use to think that I was pretty computer savvy! Boy was I forever WRONG! I MUST give all the credit to Ann at "On Sutton Place". I hope you will visit her blog, it is wonderful and one of my very favorites!  (See, if I knew what I was doing, I could put that fancy little link "here")  right there, but I have not figured that out yet! Ann has been so kind and helpful, giving me tips and other sites to get HELP!

I am still plugging along and got a lot of reading and experimenting to do before I am up and running confidently, but as I've said before, I AM NOT A QUITTER!, so a BIG THANK YOU TO ANN.  YOU ARE GREAT TEACHER! and so generous with your time.  I love my new header. 

Please visit Ann at

Have a happy day...


  1. Nice header, Ginger! I follow Ann, by the way...

  2. When I use a link in a post this is what I do:
    Open the web page that you want to link to.
    Right click on the address in the browser window.
    Select copy.
    Go back to your post.
    Click the LINK button at the top.
    Paste the address you just copied in the box that says "To what URL should this link go?"
    Automatically whatever you paste into the URL box appears in the top box too.
    DELETE IT and then type whatever you want in that box.
    For example if I wanted to link to your blog I would put your URL in the one box and then "Ginger's blog" in the top box.
    After you do it a few times it will get easier...I promise!


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