Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cracker Barrel!

What's so great about a Cracker Barrel, you ask?  Well, if you live in an area where you have absolutely NO chain restaurants, then it's quiet a big deal.  Here in Bardstown other than fast food places like McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger King, Sonic and oh yea, three, yes I said three Subway's, we do not have any chain restaurants except for a Chili's.  Every other eating establishment that we have in Bardstown is locally owned and operated and there are not very many of them.  We have Chinese and Pizza coming out our ears, but that's about it.  So, that is why I am so excited about Cracker Barrel coming to Small Town USA.  Maybe we're coming up in the world or maybe not!  They have been trying to come here for about five years, but our city/county laws and regulations kept preventing it to happen.  As you know Cracker Barrels are usually off a major interstate or highway and they want their HUGE billboard signage.  Bardstown said NO!  So they finally compromised and our new Cracker Barrel opened this past Monday.  So here it is!

When you've seen one, you've seen them all!  Of course, they just had to have this Kentucky Blue Wildcat rocker!  UGH!  Not a fan, but whatever! I stopped in to just check out the gift store and of course had to make a purchase!  I try to do my part to help out the economy.
I think it is really cute and fun for my back door and will be perfect for going into fall.  Boy, I think I need to clean the glass!  Oh well, maybe tomorrow Scarlett!
Have a happy day!

Note:  Sorry I'm not linking up much this week, it's just been a little busier than normal.  Hope to get back to normal routine next week.


  1. I saw your comment over on Not Just a I had to pop over & say hi! You don't see many other Ginger's around! :) Hope you are having a great day. :)


  2. Love the pecan pancakes at Cracker Barrel!
    xo Cathy

  3. Cute! Isn't it weird how small towns just won't allow large restaurants to come in...if they want to. I grew up in a town like that and now my brother lives there. Several fast food places, which is a great improvement, but no really nice restaurants. Oh well...just my thoughts. :-)


  4. Cracker Barrel is a good place to get comfort food and cute gifts. Although I don't go there often, I do check them out once in a while. I wish we had more "mom and pop" restaurants here. Our county has been booming for several years and now we mostly have chain restaurants. Nothing wrong with chains, I just like the 'flavor' of a small town restaurant.
    Have a great Labor Day,

  5. I love Cracker Barrel. Ours is across town right on the interstate. We don't get out there much but every once in a while we go. I don't mind the usual wait because of the shopping! Hope your Labor Day is great.

  6. Oh I have always wanted to go to a Cracker Barrel. My kind of food and decor. You are so lucky. We don't have them anywhere near here.

  7. Cracker barrel has the best gift shop ever. Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

  8. Cracker Barrel has this awesomely delicious blackberry topping for pancakes. We rarely go there, but we had breakfast there in May and I'm still raving about it.

  9. Hi Ginger,
    You are so lucky! I happen to LOVE the Cracker Barrel!!! We don't have those in Canada, but I am going to South Dakota the first week of October and there will be one in the town we are spending the night in. YAY!!! I am really looking forward to it.
    I have found lots of their recipes on-line and I use them fairly often. My mom and dad were from the South and my mom cooked a lot of those dishes and I crave that kind of cooking and so does my husband who was born in Canada. Inside he is a little bit southern.
    All that to say, I love Cracker Barrel.
    Hugs, Cindy


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