Monday, July 25, 2011

"The Swap"

I am so excited to be back to my routine!!!  After "Sidewalk Sale Days" downtown and then preparing for my HUGE yard sale this past Saturday, I think I'm back to normal.  Except for it being "the hottest day of the year" here in Bardstown and thinking I may die of heat stroke or melt, it was a great day.  We actually had a blast, tons of people, lots of friends and neighbors stopped by and made purchases.  My friend and I both sold between $400 - $500!!  So it was all worth it! 

I actually ended up pretty lucky....  my girlfriend is, how do you say???  A Shopaholic?!!,, she buys really good stuff too.  We ended up having a few things that the other wanted, so we swapped some stuff.  I ended up with about five dresses, (all designer) such as DNKY, Ann Taylor, Cache', etc... and this!

Isn't she the cutest? ugliest? weirdest? funniest? thing you have ever seen.  Her name is Lolita and she is a clay pot with ears, earrings included, a nose, lips and yes those are eyelashes!!  I just had to have her!  So now she sits on my bookcase in my home office.  I don't know exactly what I'll end up doing with Lolita, so I am definitely open to suggestions!  Oh yea, my friend wanted an industrial 3M swifter handle with washable pads!  Now, who do you think got the better end of this swap!

Until we meet again,  I'm thinking ME! Lolita has a price tag on her for $27.99????  Unbelievable!  


  1. OMG I think she is related to my Carmen Miranda vase....mayhap they were separated at birth! ;P

  2. Some of the strangest things end up being your favorite things. But I think that's what makes them special is how different they are. Lolita has a home now.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  3. Score on the designer dresses! And Lolita - I'm sure she'll be a conversation starter for years to come!

  4. She's a totally gaudy, ridiculous, awesome thing....fabulous! :D


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