Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Largest Bag I've Ever Made! NEVER AGAIN!

For those of you who are not aware I sew and make "one of a kind" little purses.  Well, a few weeks ago one of my good friends approached me, whom I have done a lot of "custom" work for such as making special purses to go with certain outfits or special occasions.  I have also covered her outdoor pillows back in the spring.  I helped her repair a fur jacket, etc... Anyway, she does a lot of selling and buying off EBay.  She wanted me to make her a heavy duty extra large tote bag with super-duper strong handles to cart her EBay packages to the post office.  She wanted her EBay store logo on it and wanted it really funky!  She sent me an e-mail and ask me to make it 42" x 42"!, WHAT!!!??

I started rolling out material and thought oh my goodness, there is no way in the world that I can handle this.  I am not even 5'2" and pretty wimpy!  Needless to say, I did not make her bag that BIG, but I can seriously step into this bag, sit down and if you were strong enough, you could carry me to the post office!  I am NOT kidding.  The funniest this is, I wrestled this material all over my sewing room, I was huffing and puffing and the SWEAT!  If there had been a hidden camera, it would have been bad.  If she paid me $500 it would not be worth it, so NEVER AGAIN!

These are the bags that I can make three or four in one day, no problem....
now, this is the bag I made for her!  Please notice the size of this thing against the door to my office! and I worked on it on three seperate days and was exhausted!

So, I was telling my best friend about my horrible sewing experience yesterday and saying how never again....  and she says, "not now, but when you feel like it one day", I want a big bag too!

Until we meet again....  never say never!  Guess what her birthday present will have to be? just not this BIG.


  1. LOL that purse is gi-normous! We love our purses. We always get comments on them! You need an Etsy store with all your free time ;P

  2. She'll really enjoy it! You put so much pretty detail in this big bag! Do you use a pattern? ♥


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