Sunday, June 19, 2011

Produce from my Garden

It's been a tough week.  Three days of migraine headaches, sever thunder storms and tornado warnings, lab work, work and gardening!  Whew!!!  But, I made it.

My reward is my garden!  We have been eating wonderful fresh lettuce for several weeks now.  I collected over 20 cucumbers, numerous squash, a green pepper, zucchini and onions!  I supplemented my garden treasures with a couple of things I found and the Farmers Market downtown Bardstown with home grown tomatoes and little bitty red potatoes and fresh hulled green peas.  We had a wonderful fresh meal and have plenty to share with friends.

Yum,  I am so happy....  until we meet again, I hope you're garden is growing and you are reaping the rewards.  It is certainly well worth it.


  1. Your veggies look great! I wish I had a garden, but we don't have level ground for it!

  2. Yeay...hooray for you! I love veggie gardens especially once they start producing. I have a few veggie beds in my garden as well. Yours look really healthy...congrats!

  3. Look at those lovely vegetables. I am way behind this year. I just bought bush bean seeds from the farm store today!

    Hope you are rid of the headaches and have a great week!



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