Friday, June 3, 2011

My Trip Continued....

Last Friday I caught up with my brother and my cousin from Texas.  We ran around town, running some errands; okay he had to buy a new shirt to wear to his son's graduation.  We headed out about 4:00 pm for Jessye's graduation and unbeknown (is that a word?) to me,  he drove and drove and drove!  About thirty minutes into the trip we actually passed the high school that he attended all four years!  About another hour or more, we arrived at our destination, Lincoln Memorial University.  This place sits right at the foothills of Tennessee, Virginia and Kentucky.  It was a beautiful drive, everything was plush green, hills, mountains, Norris Lake, gorgeous scenery.  I could have almost driven there from my home in Kentucky in about the same amount of time!  I could not believe it.  None the less, I enjoyed the ride and at least I was with family that I seldom get to see.

We entered the huge auditorium and the graduation proceeded.  Everything was moving right along and Jessye was on the fourth row.  After the second row of graduates had crossed the stage to accept their diplomas low and behold, the lights went out!  Pitch black was all that could be seen.  Oh no, I was thinking.  After about fifteen or twenty minutes, slowly the lights started popping back on one by one like popcorn!  The principle kept saying, can everyone see well enough for us to continue?  Shouts of NOOOOOO!  rang out throughout!  We had driven almost two hours NOT to see Jessye walk across the stage and accept his diploma?  I don't think so!  Well, finally the lights came back on and the procession continued.  We got to see him accept his diploma and that is a very proud moment for me and I'm just his Aunt, so I can only imagine what his Dad and Mother felt.

Although, it took us almost two hours to drive back to my brothers and it was late, but it was all worth the trip.  Jessye was so proud and excited and happy.  I would not have missed it for the world!!

So, until we meet again... more to come on my trip!  Stay tuned.

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