Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Family Fix!

As you know I have been out of town and I am finally home and getting back into my daily routine.  I had a wonderful trip and enjoyed visiting with my family and friends so much.  I miss them already, but have my "family fix" for now anyway.

I left last Wednesday and drove from Kentucky to Tennessee.  It was absolutely a beautiful drive.  Everything is so green and full, so the drive went by very fast.  I spent the first two nights with my Aunt and Uncle that are like the parents that I don't have.  My Aunt and I met a couple of my other Aunts and a couple of my cousins at the local Mexican place and had nachos and Margarita's!  We shared conversation and funny stories and laughed until my stomach ached and my eyes watered.  It was so much fun!
We stayed up late and continued to talk about everything under the moon.  My Aunt and I went shopping the following day and had a lot of fun.  My Uncle took us out to dinner that evening and it was wonderful.  The restaurant is located on Melton Hill Lake and it sits right on the water.  It had stormed earlier and from the moisture and humidity in the air this fog started to rise off the lake and it was so beautiful it was breath taking.

The food was great, the scenery incredible and the company was the best.  My trip will be continued, so stay tuned!

Until we meet again,

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