Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Migraine Cure?

For the past three days I have been fighting a migraine!  If you have ever had one then you know what I'm talking about.  If you have not ever had one, I hope you never do.  On top of having this monster headache, I had to go in this morning at the crack of dawn for blood work!  Whoopee!  I'm one lucky girl...

I survived the lab work, went straight to Kroger for Al eve, due to the fact that I had taken my last two last night!  I arrived back home and went back to bed.  After about two hours, I gingerly got up and softly walked downstairs where I ate four triscuits and made myself a cup of my expensive coffee (if you remember from one of my last posts).  I thought, maybe my head hurts from lack of caffeine!, but if not I deserve a treat today.  So one cup of $10 a pound coffee it is.

The coffee is from the Fresh Market and it's called "Put Da Almond In Da Co Co Nut"!  I had to get it on the recommendation of Art @ Home and I must admit, it's delicious!  So here is to my new migraine cure or my treat for the day.  I'm really hoping for the first.

so, until we meet again....

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