Monday, June 6, 2011

The Last Leg of my Trip....

On Saturday after my nephew's graduation a few us met up for a late lunch early dinner to celebrate.  We met at PF Chang's and had a great meal, wonderful conversations and visiting.  Ate way too much and even had dessert!  It was a wonderful afternoon and went by way to fast.  Jessye was off to Motto Cross race so I decided to hang out with my best friend in the entire world since I had not had any one on one time with her in almost a year!

We visited the Fresh Market and bought some specialty things you just cannot find at the regular grocery store and paid way too much for them.  But, it's not like you have the opportunity to do it everyday, so it's justified.   I paid $10 for a pound of coffee!  But, it's really good coffee!  Now when I enjoy a cup of my expensive coffee, I think of that day, and who I spent that day with.

After our visit to the Fresh Market we went back to my friends house and deserted her husband and went shopping!  We had a really great time and did not get back to her house until 9:00 pm!  We had a little snack from our purchases that afternoon and spent the evening sitting out on her back porch talking the night away and laughing so hard at just silly things.  It was definitely another wonderful memory in my big book that I have been collecting for years.

My brother came to pick me up around mid-night and we stayed up until 3:00 am talking and visiting at his house, which is so not me, but what the heck!  My trip was coming to the end and I didn't want it to end.

I drove home on Sunday, exhausted from lack of sleep over the past four days, but refreshed with nourishment from my family and friends!  Now, that's what I call priceless!

so, until we meet again....  I continue to relish in the memories of my trip home.

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