Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Childhood Memories!

This weekend brought back such wonderful childhood memories for me that I just had to share.  We went walking on Saturday morning before the rains came and I noticed the most beautiful honeysuckle and wild roses along the road sides!  The aromas were breathtaking and I thought about the days when I was a child and we use to have honeysuckle everywhere.  I loved to pick it and smell it and even taste it.  We have always had honeysuckle and wild roses along the road, but I've truly never seen them like they are this year!  They are so full and thick and full of blooms and so beautiful.

I actually think this counts as another one of my life surprises and one of my favorite things too!  Is honeysuckle a childhood memory of yours?  I would love for you to share you're memories with me.

Until we meet again.....

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