Friday, May 20, 2011

Bourbon Open Weekend! Come on Down....

Today kicks off one of Bardstown's largest events.  All the Bourbon Distilleries sponsor a huge Golf Tournament this weekend every year.  This has been going on FOREVER!!  Lots of activities, lots of visitors from everywhere in the world will come and take part, although I think the main reason is the BOURBON!  I may be mistaken, but I don't think so.  There are 400 golfers scheduled to participate in this golf tournament over the next three days.  There will be plenty of Bourbon consumed over the next three days, I would be afraid to estimate that amount!  But, if you are not a golfer, it can be fun anyway.  Bardstown has a lot to offer that does not pertain to golf or bourbon!

For instance, take a stroll down main street and visit our quaint shops and unique boutiques and great restaurants.

Visit our Bardstown Bookseller's store and pick up a copy of our local author's book, ""Small Town Sexy" and you may even see Kim and she'll sign it for you!  The book store also has the most wonderful candies ever!!

or take a historic carriage ride through the streets of Bardstown and find out all the history our little town has to offer.

or visit My Old Kentucky Home and tour the home where Stephen Foster lived as a child.

have lunch at one of the most historic places in town and maybe spend the night at the Old Jailers Inn Bed & Breakfast!
or come visit me at Lisa's Merle Norman Cosmetic Studio.....

Regardless, I promise you'll enjoy the day....

Until we meet again....


  1. Your town sounds very charming. A bit far of a drive for me as I am in CA. Have fun this weekend.

  2. Bourbon for! I've been to Louisville once and visited a distillery - it might have been Jim Beam. Your town is certainly charming, love visiting historic towns! Thanks for sharing.


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